Electroplating is the process of applying the metal coating on a metallic or non-metallic surface through an electrochemical process. We often see finished decorative goods appearing attractive and smooth. The beauty of these products is that they not only look pleasant but also are less likely to be affected by the atmospheric conditions such as corrosion. The technique behind this is called electroplating.

Vi Tech Chemicals is a reliable electroplating chemical manufacturer and supplier in India. We use the latest technology and formulating processes to offer a wide range of electroplating chemicals used in following electroplating processes. Vi Tech Chemicals is a renowned name in the field of chemical industry with the on growing demand for chemical products in India and globally during past decade.

There are various types of metal plating depending on the usage and purposes.

Types of Electroplating Chemical by Metal types are following :

Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Platinum, Zinc and Chromium.

Electroplating Chemical by End-use Industry or Vertical :

Automotive & Transportation, Electric and Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Machinery parts & components, Agriculture and Construction.