Industrial chemicals Type, Method and Process

Industrial Chemical Type Method and Process


Many industries are manufacturing different chemicals which are used in various processes as raw materials or sold directly as usable products. These chemicals are produced by taking in different quantities and combinations of natural products like air, water, and minerals. The chemicals have colossal utility, they are used as detergents, catalysts, in cleaning, as solvents, in dyes, for polishing, as reagents, for carrying out experiments or for validating them. Their usage is wide.

Some of the widespread chemicals in the industry are:

Oxygen: Oxygen is as widely used in chemical industry as humans use it. It is an oxidizer and oxidation is one of the significant reactions in the chemical industry.

Nitrogen: Nitrogen is majorly used as a cleaning compound. It is used in preventing explosions. It is one of the known industrial chemicals for cleaning purposes.

Phosphoric acid: Although as acidic, this chemical substance is edible. It finds its use in aerated drinks and also in fertilizers.

Sulphuric acid: This chemical compound is a classic industrial chemicals example of a widely used substance. It is used for cleaning and neutralizing alkaline elements.

Chlorine: We are very familiar with this industrial chemical. It is used as a bleaching substance in washing and dying. It is also widely used in swimming pools to make chlorine water.

Sodium Silicate: It is a necessary solution when it comes to insulation in the industries.

Titanium Dioxide: This white colored chemical is used in paints, various food items, and some pharmaceutical products.

Aluminum Sulphate: This is one chemical which is used as a PH indicator throughout the industry.

These were the few Industrial chemical examples. There are many other chemicals used in the day to day life. There are many companies which are into Industrial chemicals and supplies. It is a primary manufacturing sector in India.

There are many processes and methods used to manufacture industrial chemicals. Some of the processes are:

1. Condensation: Some of the chemical substances are naturally found in the gaseous state. These chemicals are obtained in the liquid state by the process of condensation. The gases are collected and cooled.

2. Boiling: Some of the chemicals are obtained from other chemicals. There are chemicals obtained in crude form. In the crude form often many chemicals are mixed, this mixture is heated, the chemicals having different boiling points evaporate at different temperatures. The vapours are collected and condensed, and chemicals are obtained.

3. Chemical reactions: Many chemicals are artificially formed as either the primary product or by-product of chemicals. A series of reactions are conducted under controlled environment in laboratories or factories to obtain the chemicals.

4. Purification: Many chemicals are available but in an impure state. Mining extracts these minerals, and later a purification process is conducted to obtain these chemicals.

Chemicals are widely used in everyday life in the forms that are not evident to us. There are many industrial chemicals manufacturer in India.

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