Vi Tech Chemicals offering you a complete choice of products which include Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals, Rust Prevention Oils, Industrial Chemicals, Electroplating Chemicals, Stainless Steel Electro -Polishing Chemical, Aluminum Anodising Chemicals.

Metal surface treatment chemicals includes Degreasers, De-rusters, Activators (Pre-condidtioners to Phosphate Coating), Phosphate Coating Chemicals,Sealers, Water Base Temporary Rust Preventive click on product image to know more.

Rust prevention oils we use best grade of chemicals to formulate chemicals used for making metal surfaces rust resistant.Which includes VDW-90,VDW-70,VDW-60,Vsil-250 click on image of product to know more.

Industrial chemicals includes Paint Booth Additive, Effluent treatment Chemicals to know more about product click on product image.

Electroplating chemicals,our offered chemicals imparts bright mirror finish variety of components which includes  Alkaline Non-cyanide Zinc Plating, Acid Zinc Plating, Cyanide Zinc Plating,Chromate Conversion Coatings and many more click on product image to know more about product.

Stainless steel electro polishing chemical includes Vibright-SS, Viseal-77 click on product image to know more about product.

Aluminum anodising chemicals includes  Alstab-Vi,Alcolor-Vi,Alseal-Vi click on product image to know more about product.